A Little of Everything

You’ve been asking and today is the day! Want to join my launch team? It’s so easy to join and it’s going to be the most fun. Promise! Asking all the questions right now? I’ve got you covered.   What’s a Launch Team? It’s a group of people who are excited about coming together to […]

*The following is the story of how I signed with an agent and ultimately landed a book deal. It is the full story with all 5,678 details 😉 When I was 7 and 10 and 15 and even 20 my friends would be playing outside in the dirt, or going to the movies or going […]

Remember? That trip to the Dominican Republic with this beauty, Lisa Leonard. I love my post about her and Elsa because it was such a true account of Lisa’s heart. She is wonderfully humble and incredibly warm. It would be hard to not become instant friends with this fierce lover of people and the Lord. Her smile […]

This past weekend for me was made of citrus. Sometimes life is crazy and confusing and filled to the brim with things I can’t quite grasp onto. So I reach out and grab onto an orange. And then, the thought of chocolate occurs. And chili powder. And sea salt. Because, of course! My weekend was going […]

Note: Welcome to my Tip of the Week. If there is a tip I found, and I tested it, and it worked, I will share it. If you are just stopping by for the tip and not the story, scroll to the graphic at the end of the post.  It’s November and there I am, […]

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