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When we moved to St Louis we noticed that during Lent so many restaurants and churches serve up fish sandwiches during this season! I love fried fish and I knew I needed to try my hand at making my own at home. I am here to report that you can make the most flakey, most […]

homemade beer battered fish from Bri McKoy

This homemade casserole is creamy and rich but keeps the bite and brightness of the green beans! It also has a secret ingredient topping that makes this dish disappear as soon as it hits the table.

We’ve been living near DC for almost 3 years and I do not feel like we’ve even made a dent in all the delicious places we could eat. But here is a lineup of some of our favorites! Near and Around Alexandria, Virginia Swing’s Coffee Roasters: I love their cold brew and they have really […]

I recently shared a quick video of all my current jeans and pants I pack when I travel! Here are the jeans featured in that video (in order of how I shared). Some of these jeans are no longer available so I link ones that are similar! Also, I almost exclusively buy Madewell jeans! They […]

Let’s make pizza! Every Friday for years, Jeremy and I have done Friday night pizza night. Most nights we make our own pizza with homemade pizza dough. It is easy and delicious and there is something so satisfying about making your own pizza! It also means we never have to meal plan for Friday night. […]

We all know the story. I was on my phone with my mom, who I call almost every day, and I could hear that she was eating something. I asked her what she was enjoying, and she responded with “Queso.” Me: “Where did you get queso?”Mom: “I made it.”Me: “You made queso? When? How?”Mom: I’ve […]

I like to think of side dishes right as I am bringing my main dish together. This is helpful for exactly zero humans. This method could cause stress or unforeseen bouts of anxiety. I recognized this awhile ago, and decided I need to have some delicious, staple side dishes in my arsenal at all times. […]

Below are some of my essential, but also unique, kitchen tools. (I am going to assume you have basics like a garlic press and a spatula). But know, we will dive much deeper into tools and setting up your kitchen in the first week of the masterclass! (The below contains affiliate links.) Essential Chef’s Knife […]

I know it is bold to say this is the best Sloppy Joes recipe but…this recipe is bold. The first time I ever ate a Sloppy Joe was three weeks ago when I tested a recipe for Sloppy Joes. It true. This meal has never been that appealing to me and my mom never made them […]

This week we are all about Paleo Instant Pot Shredded Taco Chicken Bowls. Easy, quick and unbelievably satisfying! I have been all over Texas and California the past two weeks. I loved it! Everywhere I go feels like home. Full disclosure? Home is where my apron and chef knives are – which is why I […]

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