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I'm Bri McKoy

I’m a food blogger that loves teaching people how to cook through my recipes. You can find me shouting, “Naked garlic” everytime I remove the little coat from the garlic clove. 

I didn’t start cooking until I was 26. Actually, I didn’t even learn to cook until 26. It was conveniently after I got married.

After those first few months of marriage, despite my best attempts to stay out of the kitchen, I was gently informed by my husband that our budget could not support our eating-out habit. I nodded slowly, not fully in agreement, because, how were we going to eat?

Who was going to             us?


And let’s not forget about Lucy! Lucy who worked at our little corner Thai shop and always got so excited to hear my cheery order over the phone. What about Lucy, Jeremy?

Of course the answer, which apparently was clear to most sensible human beings was, we were going to learn to cook. And so I went kicking and screaming into our small apartment kitchen.

This is how I stumbled into my love for cooking which turned into a love for developing flavorful, approachable recipes. 

Since then I have written a food memoir, a cookbook and started two masterclasses for teaching people how to cook and how to pair everyday meals with wine. I believe everyone can learn to cook and to find joy and confidence in the kitchen. 

This space is shame free, we still burn the occasional piece of toast, we still love Thai takeout, but most of all we love gathering others around food. 

Pull up a chair, you are always welcome to our table. Let’s get cooking! 

Whether you’re cooking for yourself, cooking to please the masses, or too in over your head to cook ..you deserve a good meal. You deserve to enjoy the food you feed your body. 

My food philosophy:

A good meal is for everyone.

In this space we are:

Low key extra!

That means we like simple food that still has loads of flavor. We like quick meals that satisfy. Every once in a while we’ll go all out like we’ve embodied Julia Child. We’re low key extra.

We do not take ourselves too seriously and we do not shame anyone for their food loves or food questions. This table is set for everyone. Come as you are. 

The overall vibe:

Joyful and satisfied.

This classic jean jacket from Able.

My Favorite Things:

“This Lettuce is Radicchio” nail polish from Olive and June.

My emotional support yellow yeti tumbler that goes everywhere with me.

My dog and Chief Taste Tester, Stout.

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Dream dinner guests:

Living in:




Stanley Tucci, Ina Garten, Samin Nosrat & Ruth Reichl

St Louis

Maple Whiskey Sour

Steak Frites with loads of butter and garlic, plus extra garlic

Probably a crime podcast!

If I have to choose...

Hi-waisted jeans or Low-rise
Late Nights or Mornings
Savory or Sweet
Wine or Cocktails 
Romance or Murder Mysteries 
Night in alone or Night out with friends

This Will Always Be True Of Me...

→ The thing I will always order if it’s on the menu is oysters. 

→ In 2021 Jeremy and I became certified by the Wine Spirits & Education Trust as Level Two after taking an immersive and in depth course. I studied more for this test than I did to graduate college. 

→ I believe garlic is a whole food group and should be honored as such. 

→ I travel with my chef’s knife almost 99% of the time. You never know when someone will need a home cooked meal. 

→ Very rarely can I walk out of Trader Joe’s without a plant in tow. 

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