This shop is full of yum! Here you’ll find everything I am currently offering to help get dinner to the table including my eBooks, masterclasses and live cooking classes.


The Everyday Kitchen

Doors open winter 2023! My Everyday Kitchen Masterclass is an online course where you will learn how to master your kitchen and become a more confident home cook within 5 weeks of course content!

Once doors open, you'll get instant, lifelong access to video and audio lessons, downloads, and transcripts to guide you. You can watch it all at once or take it slow - either way, it's available to revisit time and time again!

Build confidence and joy in your cooking through experiences of creativity, satisfaction, and efficiency.

Recipe Companions: The Sip

A Crafted Cocktail Guide for the Everyday Home Cook!

This thirst quenching eBook includes:
 • 25 hand crafted cocktail recipes
 • Breakdown of cocktails based on liquor 
 • Zero Proof Guide

Get all of my favorite cocktail recipes in one place with this 40+ page beautifully designed eBook!

Get The Sip Today!


Popcorn & Champagne

Every year I take members through a guided 4-5 week online masterclass where we learn more about food, wine and cooking! The masterclasses are designed to get you in the kitchen cooking and learning while experiencing joy through community!

Make every day a special occasion! Pairing wine with food does not have to be complicated. In my new masterclass, you will discover how to take an elegant meal out on the town and transform it into an everyday meal at home, all while learning the ways different wines can elevate your meal.

Coming Fall 2023! 

Current Live Cooking Class:

Grilled Mahi Mahi with Citrusy Slaw

Come spend an evening with me while we cook a meal together from start to finish, all from the comfort of your own kitchen! 

My Live cooking classes occur online. As soon as you sign up you will get immediate access to the recipe, a grocery and tools list, and all the information to join the Live. You will also get access to the replay the next day. 

Come join the internet’s most delicious dinner party!

Grab a Spot!

Check back for my next live cooking class coming next month!

What I’m Currently Loving

Currently obsessing over these kitchen items whether they make cooking more efficient or entertaining more joyful!

These Fortessa Glasses make all my drinks and cocktails more enjoyable!

This yellow KitchenAid Mixer has always brought life to my kitchen and it is the Chief Pizza Dough Maker in our our house

I did not know how much an effective vegetable peeler could change my life, but now I do! This one sells out often so grab it if it’s available!

Is a taco holder an essential kitchen item? Probably not, but we eat enough tacos in this house that it was time! They are incredibly useful when actually building the taco. Bonus, these are dishwasher and grill safe!

Everyone always asks me what my everyday pan is and here she is! I cook most of my weeknight meals in it. It’s beautiful, durable, and creates the perfect sear on meat.

As for me and my household, we run on coffee. But especially iced coffee in the summertime! This cold press coffee maker is perfect for large batches or the most delicious and smooth cold brew.

Want to checkout my other favorite kitchen items?! Visit my Amazon Shop.

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