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Below are some of my essential, but also unique, kitchen tools. (I am going to assume you have basics like a garlic press and a spatula). But know, we will dive much deeper into tools and setting up your kitchen in the first week of the masterclass!

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Chef’s Knife or Santoku Knife (my favorite everyday knife is the 7 inch Santoku knife!): The Masterclass offers a knife course so you will want to have a knife for hands on learning. You do not need the same brand of knife I have, but you will want a high-quality chef’s or Santoku knife!

Today, Williams Sonoma is having an amazing sale on the Wüsthof knives, including their chef’s knife and the Santoku knife!

Cutting Board: My absolute favorite cutting board is this large Boos cutting board. I have had it for eight years. It has moved with us to over four different states and it is still going strong. Having this much surface area makes prepping meals more efficient.

These are the cutting boards I use for raw meat as they are safe for my knife’s blade and are dishwasher safe. 

If you already have your favorite cutting board, perfect!

Garlic Roller: We like our garlic naked in this space. And we want it naked quickly! This roller does the job every time. 

Meat Crumbler: Honestly, I was skeptical about this tool, but now I call it my kitchen’s magic wand. It perfectly and uniformly crumbles meat with ease. It can also be used to mash potatoes or avocado for guacamole. 

Vegetable Peeler: We have had lots of peelers over the years (we love them every time we move) and I never had a peeler that actually made peeling effortless until this beauty!

Bench Scraper: This little tool helps me clear my cutting board quickly and it also helps me scoop large quantities of chopped veggies to transfer to a bowl or pan!

Mini Ounce Measuring Cup: We have three of these on hand because we use them so often! This little measuring cup measures in ounces and tablespoons. Perfect for when you are just adding a little bit of liquid or making cocktails.

Salt Cellar: Salt is essential in the kitchen and having it readily available is a game changer. I am obsessed with this large glass salt cellar for my kosher salt. I’ve had other salt cellars but they were tiny and I found myself refilling them often.

Trash Bowl: Any bowl will do! But keeping a large bowl on my counter while I am prepping my meals has saved me 1,000 trips to the garbage can.

Hand Citrus Juicer: This juicer will get every last drop of juice from your citrus!


Le Creuset Braiser or Stainless Steel Sauté Pan: We are going to talk a lot about cooking in a pan without food sticking and also how to deglaze a pan to intensify the flavors of a meal. 

Today the Le Creuset Braiser is $100 off at Williams Sonoma! I have the 3 ½ quart size. I use my Le Creuset braiser almost every night of the week. It browns meat to perfection and has the best surface for deglazing. 

If you solely use nonstick pans, these lessons will still be very helpful to you, but the results might not be as powerful. 

Pressure Cooker: The Masterclass comes with a Bonus Instant Pot Crash Course. I absolutely love my Instant Pot. The best part about this appliance is it gives you back time. I have made last minute meals with frozen meat, pulled together a side dish of mashed sweet potatoes in minutes, and served fluffy, creamy coconut rice with just a push of a button. 

Apron: My Hedley and Bennett apron is a little bit like my superhero cape (that keeps me clean while making dinner!). Right now Hedley and Bennett is having a 20% off sale when you use the code WELLSEASONED.

For more inspiration on kitchen tools, visit my Sunday Funday page to see all my absolute favorites!

These kitchen tools have changed my life in the kitchen! You'll never guess what they are!

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