I’m pretty confident I will never have to buy the Maserati of garlic presses. I do not need a top-of-the-line wooden spoon or measuring cup. In fact, my kitchen is mostly equipped with tools that I spent very little money on. That being said there are a handful of items I think are totally worth […]

In case you missed it, my book released this week! I was super calm about it: My book has over 20 recipes, tips, tricks, questions and prayers all to get us to the table more consistently. I did not just want to tell you how amazing and transformational time at the everyday table can be, […]

It is such an honor to have my beautiful friend, and author, Bekah DiFelice, over to my blog today. Her new book, Almost There: Searching for Home in a Life on the Move, is filled with wisdom, wit and stories that had me turning page after page. Her book is not just for people who are […]

Some of my favorite memories in life occurred around a table. We were at the table. Or started at the table. Or ended at the table. What I’m saying is, there was a table. Of all the different places Jeremy and I have moved, all the diverse cities we’ve lived in, all the stunning, complex […]

You’ve been asking and today is the day! Want to join my launch team? It’s so easy to join and it’s going to be the most fun. Promise! Asking all the questions right now? I’ve got you covered.   What’s a Launch Team? It’s a group of people who are excited about coming together to […]

Some day in the middle of March I woke up at 2:00am and moved toward Jeremy. I wrapped myself around him and thought, “I’m going to miss him in my bed.” But, first, last October I received one of those emails about cheap round trip flights. I looked at it and saw that Jeremy and […]

Our table has been all but battered-up bruised with the questions and thoughts we’ve carried to it over the past several months. I carry my casserole and my big questions and pull up a chair. Some nights our table held our collective sighs. Sometimes it held me raging and hurting. A lot of times it […]

Back in February I was sitting at the bar top of our neighborhood restaurant rattling off sections of my day to Jeremy. Tapas arrived in quick succession which made me both happy and somehow more open. I always say that we all have at least one life defining moment that happened at a table over […]

We sat down most mornings since February and I could only muster up a paltry offering of, “Here I am.” I gathered the crumbs of my life lived the day before, the life I lived in college, the life I lived as a toddler and I spilled them out on the page – somehow these […]

The only reason I have even been remotely signaled to write a summer wrap up post is because of all the back to school photos in my Facebook newsfeed. The first child I saw nearly sent me into a head spin. I audibly said to the adorable girl on my webpage, “Oh my gosh – […]

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