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Our Life, The Best Of

Some of my favorite memories in life occurred around a table. We were at the table. Or started at the table. Or ended at the table.

What I’m saying is, there was a table.

Of all the different places Jeremy and I have moved, all the diverse cities we’ve lived in, all the stunning, complex humans we’ve had the gift of doing life with – there was always this familiar block of wood.

There was this table.

I’ve seen miraculous things happen at the table. The tumbling walls of divisiveness; an entrance, maybe for the first time, through the door of raw humility. The wearied souls strengthened, the sinful forgiven, the shamed called into healing, the outcast given dignity.

It’s at the table filled with food and humans that I most understand God’s words, “I am with you.” And in our gathering and togetherness we respond, “We are with You and we are with Your people.”

This is why I wrote Come & Eat.

I wrote this book because I was thinking, maybe there is more power in an invitation to the table than we could ever fathom?

Maybe before Jesus sends us to some foreign land, or to some stage, or on some mission to proclaim His love, maybe He wants to start smaller? Maybe He wants to send us directly to our table?

Our average, everyday table.

Maybe an invitation to the table is less about a message and more about a movement?

This book is about my journey to the table but I wanted it to also be an inspirational guide for your own journey to the table. Whether you’re already a lover of gathering at the table or you’re needing to dust your table off. Whether you are a seasoned cook or someone dreading the oft asked evening question, “What’s for dinner?”

I did not want to tell you about the power of an invitation to the table and then not give you everything you need to experience it yourself.

I want to tell you that I did not write this from a place of expertise. I wrote it from a place of initial failure. From a place where my desire to get to the table was usually met with my exhaustion. And my exhaustion was winning on repeat.

I did not keep anything from you. I share my burnt meals, the many times I entertained at an empty table, my fears, my brokenness…the one story I have never written and only shared a few times in intimate circles is also in this book.

Like I said, it is all I had to give. I wanted to give it all to you.

There are also 21 weeknight recipes as well as tips and tricks throughout the book to help you in the kitchen or to get you to the table more consistently. At the end of each chapter I wrote a prayer for you as well as questions you can ask around your table.

This book is my invitation to you, to start (or continue or add onto) your own unique pilgrimage to celebrating life and grace around your own everyday table.

My book releases September 5 but I do not want you to wait until then! You can preorder the book TODAY! And it is such an honor to openly give you some of the favorite parts of my book when you preorder.

Are you ready?!

Preorder Come & Eat Today!

When you preorder Come & Eat before September 5th you will receive:

  1. The first 4 chapters of my book in PDF format!
  2. Early access to the 21-Day Adventure at the Table (this is the guide that has the recipes, prayers and questions)!
  3. A digital print download with a quote I have hanging in my kitchen. It inspires me to keep coming to the table!
  4. Exclusive early access to my “Secret Recipe” and Kitchen Tour videos! Let me tell you – I have not seen the completed videos yet but I was behind the camera and you all are in for some crazy!
  5. And my FAVORITE!!! One entry to win 1 of 3 Hedley & Bennett Lemon Bistro Aprons (as seen on me in the photo)!!!! I wear this apron At. All. Times. It is pretty but it is also durable and practical. I get it super dirty. I wash it on repeat. And it is still vibrant yellow. It is still functional. It holds my phone, my dishtowel, sometimes a wooden spoon or two 🙂

This is what I want you to know, I am cheering you on so fully! I am so invested in what God has in store for you at your own table. I want you to know, I am here with you.

Visit the Come & Eat website today to preorder this book and learn how to receive all your freebies!

Let’s meet at the table together!

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