The Come & Eat Giveaway!

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In case you missed it, my book released this week! I was super calm about it:

My book has over 20 recipes, tips, tricks, questions and prayers all to get us to the table more consistently. I did not just want to tell you how amazing and transformational time at the everyday table can be, I wanted to give you everything you need to start, or continue, your own journey to the table!

But I thought I might take it a step further. I thought I would do a giveaway with everything I use often for meals and at the table.

It’s the ultimate, “Get to the table and bring the neighbors” bundle!

I have never done a giveaway before. But after lots of thinking and research, I decided I wanted to give you several options to be able to win!

First, the bundle!

>>Two signed copies of my book, Come and Eat! One for you, one for a friend.

>>Table Topics. Something Jeremy and I keep on our table to inspire interesting conversation.

>>The Inspiralizer! I use this in a lot of my recipes to make vegetables into noodles. Now you can too!

>>A Digital Print for your kitchen or your dinning room to keep you inspired!

>>A $100 gift card to Whole Foods so you can grocery shop and have meals planned for the week. (Gift card not pictured.)

Below are all the things you can do to enter the giveaway. You can do 1 or all of them! Each action has a certain amount of points that correspond with the number of times your name will “appear in the hat.” You can go crazy or just do what you want!

The giveaway officially starts right now and ends on Thursday, September 21, 2017. Ready?!

The Come & Eat Giveaway

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  1. Sara Haslah says:

    I have 15 in my possession to give to friends! Finished it the first day I received it on Kindle. Love it!❤️

  2. Mindi Rooks says:

    My friend Amanda Job has been taking about this book non stop!! Cannot wait to get my own copy!

  3. Lisa Hudson says:

    Such a wonderful book!! One of my MANY favorite parts is this:
    “We look at someone whose background we might not know, whose trials we’ve not yet heard of, whose sins we have not yet seen, and we say, ‘Come a little closer. You look familiar. You look like God.'” 
    This challenges me to remember that I need to meet everyone with an open mind & clean slate & see them through God’s eyes!

  4. Julie B says:

    I haven’t seen the book,but I’d love to win a copy.

  5. Robin Rexroad says:

    I am in th midst of reading. I have loved every chapter!

  6. Deanna says:

    Hospitality and Revolution 

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