Let’s Release Come & Eat into the World Together!

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You’ve been asking and today is the day! Want to join my launch team? It’s so easy to join and it’s going to be the most fun. Promise!

Asking all the questions right now? I’ve got you covered.


What’s a Launch Team?

It’s a group of people who are excited about coming together to catapult something into the world. It’s kind of like me inviting you all into my delivery room and asking you to help me give birth to a baby. My first baby! Except this is a book. Too much? Anyway, you get it.

Who Can Join the Launch Team?

You can! Anyone who is even remotely interested to learn more about Come and Eat and then share it with your community of people.

What Do You Get?

In the words of Oprah, “YOU GET A BOOK! YOU GET A BOOK! YOU GET A BOOK!” Everyone who is selected to be part of the launch team will receive a digital copy of my book. For free. Did you know there are 21 recipes in this book? I got you.

What is Required of You?

This is simple!
Step 1: Read the book.
Step 2 (this one means A LOT): share a review of my book on Amazon!
Step 3: If you love it and believe in its message – share it!

You can share it on your social media channels. You can go tell your neighbors. You can take cute photos of you reading the book with cats and baby goats (and then share it). Nothing goes viral like a baby goat – am I right?!

And now for the WWHW!! Ready?


Today! You can sign-up to be considered today!!! (Did you even know your Monday was going to be so exciting?) It will only stay open until this Friday, July 21. One week. We can do this!


Ok – see above 😉


Go to this link – Click here.
Fill out the information (do not be intimidated by some of the information it asks. All people are considered!).

Remember, launch team sign-ups close this Friday. But it’s Monday and we’re all fresh so let’s do this.


I’m not going to sugar coat this part – I need you. You have cheered me on and prayed for me and been excited with me. I’ve not been on this journey alone and I have you to thank! But I am one person with meager offerings. The joy of getting Come & Eat into the world will be to do it by your side.


You – yes you! – can sign-up to be considered for my launch team. Just fill out this form and remember to do it by this Friday!

Ok, one more thing! I have a newsletter now. Who am I anymore?! This newsletter will go out once-twice a month. It will include exclusive recipes and stories I never share on the blog (probably because the story is too embarrassing or the recipe is so yummy I want to give it to just my newsletter tribe!).

You can sign-up for it today and in the next several days (as in THIS WEDNESDAY) you will be the FIRST to receive exclusive information about my book. You will be the first to learn about fun giveaways, freebies, and maybe there will be some fun baby goat photos. THIS NEWSLETTER IS OUR OYSTER! (Jeremy has told me that I have to stop calling everything my oyster – but he’s gone right now so….)

Want to be part of our table? This will just be our little tight-knit group. Fill out the form below.

Join Our Table? Sign-Up for the Newsletter Today!

* indicates required

Whew. Ok.

Any questions?! Leave a comment below and I will respond! Not into comments? I’ll be jumping on Facebook live this week to answer any questions. I see you, Gina.

One more time – join the launch team here!

Thank you, friends! Your joy has made my joy complete.

*mic drop*


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