fully loaded chicken salad sandwich from bri mckoy

I’m not the biggest fan of store bought chicken salad but, homemade chicken salad? On a buttery, lightly toasted croissant? Fully loaded with avocado, lettuce, bacon and mayo? I could eat this sandwich all summer long! It turns out I have deep feelings when it comes to brining this sandwich together. I share my “opinions” […]

Fresh from the kitchen

As of late, I’ve been finding myself in situations where I need to throw together a last minute appetizer. These predicaments always help me get a little creative and this bean dip is one of the outcomes. Several weeks ago we threw a party to welcome Jeremy home from his deployment. When we have a […]

Our Christmas Tree is still up and I don’ even feel bad about it. We just returned from several weeks in Colorado and now that we’re back we want to enjoy our own Christmas decorations. Besides, January is not the boss of us! Also? Not feeling bad about this cheesy french onion pasta bake with […]

I’ve discovered something amazing. One pan dish meals. As in – throw everything on the pan and throw it into the oven. I know I am behind the curve on this but I can’t be stopped. It is new to me and I am all, “Hi Williams Sonoma, can I please order 23 sheet pans?” […]

Today we’re going to talk about the most amazing thing I never thought I’d love, famous mint iced coffee. But first, lemme give you an update like I do. Believe me when I tell you I have never ever in my life felt the need to buy a coaster with my zip code on it. […]

If you’re reading this then you know I made it across the country 🙂 In February Beau and I started our trek from South Carolina to get to our new home – Los Angeles. Living out of a suitcase for nearly 2+ months has been fun and exhausting and adventurous and a beautiful reminder of how little […]

On Sunday I posted this picture: We were headed to the Food Truck Festival and I was beside myself. Stout, as you can see, was already tired. But like I was saying, Food. Trucks. I love them. We were prepared to wait in a long traffic line. Jeremy brought snacks to hold us over. We […]

It’s Friday! Which only means one thing in the McKoy house, it’s pizza night. We don’t even try to pretend like we want to go out and see people. We want to stay in. Close our blinds. Get in our pjs (promptly at 5:01pm). And eat pizza. We always have the ingredients on hand for […]

Last weekend it was so cold in South Carolina. It even snowed in some parts of the state. Which really messed with this Colorado girl. I discovered a few things about me. One, at the first sighting of a chill I will pull out winter clothes like I’m preparing for negative degree temperatures.  Two, despite living in […]

When I was in college ranch dressing was a staple. On vegetables, yes. With pizza always. Lettuce was the vehicle to get more ranch dressing in my life. Because, I was in college and ranch served as a therapy of sorts. Oh college days…you were good to me. Then on Pinterest a few summers ago […]

I knew I made it into some kind of wonderland when I made the best pot roast recipe. But first – When I was a child, walking from the bus stop to home, suffering the weight of my back pack, bearing all its knowledge in hardbound books, I would find reprieve. Relax. The school day […]

I’m a food blogger that loves teaching people how to cook through my recipes. You can find me shouting, “Naked garlic” everytime I remove the little coat from the garlic clove. 

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