I’m pretty sure I blinked and July found it acceptable to make her way out the door. Where did did you go July?! All of a sudden I’m turning 31 and seeing lots of FB posts about kids going back to school. It feels a little wild and a whole lot rushed. My time in […]

I don’t think it’s a secret that my idea of breakfast is a good, strong pour of heavy whipping cream melting into the darkest blend of freshly brewed coffee. My journey to include anything else to my body between the hours of 5:30am and 9:30am have been futile at best. The struggle is real. First […]

These homemade paleo chicken sausage patties are going to change your weekly routine. I want to talk to you about last Monday night’s dinner for a moment. It was a “grab what you want” free for all. I believe I had a cheese stick and some popcorn. Popcorn that I shared with the bear. Now, because […]

February. Big, bright, messy month that she is. Here, inviting herself into our lives. Invite. This is my One Word for 2015. It has come up around me and slipped its hand in mine. Like an old friend. Like a courageous new friend. Inviting is everywhere. Inviting is generosity calling out someone by name in […]

This week. It’s been fast and slow. All the moments a bit underwhelming but when added up they seemed to ball up into one big overwhelming. But I remember my Lord. That He invites me to come to His table. We don’t have to awkwardly wonder where we will sit or if there is room. […]

Can we just breathe real quick?! It’s Sunday and this past week has been. Wow! So much. And this. I won’t go into all the details now because I’m sure your week was bursting bright right open too. Maybe some of it was dripping sunshine light and some of it was the gray, mundane life […]

Spring, it’s your time. Do your thing. You see, it’s been cold around here. I mean, it snowed. In South Carolina. Where it does not snow. So, I am all giddy and ready for spring to make her appearance. Jeremy on the other hand is wearing gloves and beanies and sweaters like cold weather is […]

Jeremy and I stay in for Valentine’s dinner. We turn Valentine’s Day into an opportunity to create a most beautiful meal. We buy our favorite vino. Munch on cheese and fruit for a few hours. Move into dinner casually… It is filled with this shiny beauty of a thing called space. Deep breaths. Long conversations. […]

Chicken Pot Pie has a way of filling up the home with warm greetings. It’s the guest that was ever grateful you invited it. The one you never want to leave. This recipe is magical. Like walking into another land. Where the scenery is warmth and safe, all introduced by the aroma of deep green […]

Lets talk lasagna. One dish meal that makes dreams come true. And of course, I wanted to conquer a healthier version. (Healthier) Butternut Squash Lasagna Recipe I can hear your collective gasps. My husband was right there with you. Who messes with lasagna? But, I mean. This: Was. Delicious. I omitted the noodles. Please don’t […]

I’m a food blogger that loves teaching people how to cook through my recipes. You can find me shouting, “Naked garlic” everytime I remove the little coat from the garlic clove. 

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