Well, it’s come to this. I’ve made my first Instant Pot soup. I’m already an Instant Pot believer but I haven’t tried my hand at soups for one simple reason: I love the process of making soup. There is something about the sautéing and adding of flavors, spices, and veggies to a soup pot that […]

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I get the craving for takeout no less than three times a week. I know. It’s a plight I live with. Cravings are sneaky little monsters. Mine come upon me without any warning and before I know it I only have one single thought – the thought of that craving. It’s fun trying to be […]

Last week I told you we have been on a Mexican food kick. It’s a new week and it’s still here. One would think that a craving for Mexican food could only survive a week. Not this one. We tried to tell this craving that it is not welcome anymore. We let the craving down […]

I was on Pinterest a few weeks ago. You know, had five minutes of spare time so I jumped on. Before you know it I had pinned the whole world. I have 50,000 projects to complete and 30 large pegboards to buy along with at least 100 pallets. Don’t even get me started on pallets. […]

One year ago Jeremy and I took the Paleo Challenge at our CrossFit gym. Going 100% Paleo was hard but the return on investment was amazing. I will be posting more about Paleo on this blog as well as posting my favorite Paleo recipes. About one week into the Paleo challenge I noticed that my […]

I’m a food blogger that loves teaching people how to cook through my recipes. You can find me shouting, “Naked garlic” everytime I remove the little coat from the garlic clove. 

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