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Remember? That trip to the Dominican Republic with this beauty, Lisa Leonard.

I love my post about her and Elsa because it was such a true account of Lisa’s heart. She is wonderfully humble and incredibly warm. It would be hard to not become instant friends with this fierce lover of people and the Lord. Her smile draws you in and then her generosity and rich conversation keeps you around.

Her art is a pure reflection of how much she loves. A few weeks ago when she sent me a few of her new midi rings I fell instantly in love.

I mean I don’t think I’ve looked down at my hands this much since Beau put an engagement ring on my finger.

Midi Rings from Lisa Leonard Designs. THESE RINGS!!!! GORGEOUS!

In fact, these precious, sweet midi rings have gotten such compliments I think my engagement ring is feeling a little down and out.

But, these rings!

Midi Rings from Lisa Leonard Designs. THESE RINGS!!!! So many compliments. GORGEOUS!

They immediately reminded me of the time when people would tie a little ribbon on their fingertip to remember something. So that’s how I use these rings too. In the morning when I put them on I assign a prayer to them, so every time I look down at them I pray for what was assigned.

I think my prayer life throughout the day has increased something like 100-fold 🙂

And what’s more?! (Queue my big excitement Oprah voice)


Lisa is offering these rings to my people (you!) for 20% off!

Gracious, right? This will only last to this Friday, April 17. At checkout use the code SAVORYLIFE20

Let’s shop!

Midi Rings from Lisa Leonard Designs. THESE RINGS!!!! So many compliments. GORGEOUS!

Wear your rings and share them on Instagram! Let me know if you assigned a prayer to them or what outfit you are rocking them with.

Monday is looking pretty beautiful, isn’t she? Put on some red lipstick, get some midi rings and let’s be bold this week.

(Look! Another selfie for you!) Bang trim much?! xoxo

bri mckoy of oursavorylife

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  1. I love this idea…of assigning a prayer to the rings! I received Lisa’s heart necklace for sponsoring a child during her trip ♥ and love it too! oh & great lipstick, Bri !

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