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Every year I purchase gifts on Christmas Eve. Despite this news, I was not born yesterday. I have been on this green earth for 34 years and I have not learned. You can imagine how Amazon Prime and online orders have only supported my habit. It’s like the world wants me to purchase gifts on Christmas Eve!

If you are needing a few last-minute gifts, sis, I got you. These are specifically for the people in your life who love the kitchen (or want to love the kitchen!). I see you. Also? These are all under $35. I already have a kitchen essentials guide that focuses on the heavy hitters in the kitchen so, this one is nice and easy, just like we like it.

Shall we, wild ones?

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Gifts for Kitchen Lovers

  1.  Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking by Samin Nosrat. Listen, I have a lot of books on cooking and food memoirs and cookbooks. I am high-level obsessed with words and the kitchen. But this book is the end all be all of cooking books. There are recipes but that is not what makes this book shine. This book will teach you how to cook. Not just how to follow a recipe. There is a difference! Friends, there are full blown diagrams in this book that show you how to use your knife, the difference between a sauté and and a deep fry, why salt is so magical (and salt is magical, it is like the Beyoncé of the kitchen). If you want to go beyond the skill of just reading a recipe, this book is for you. Bonus? Netflix did a series on this book. The first season is out now. Wild ones, we are going into 2019 with confidence in the kitchen. The ultimate list of gifts for the kitchen lover in your family! It's perfect for last minute gift giving and all the items are under thirty dollars!
  2. Garlic roller: You’ve seen me demonstrate this on Instagram. It is truly a game changer in the kitchen. I travel with my garlic roller because I am that impressed by it’s ability. Bonus? It’s less than $10 so it is a perfect stocking stuffer!
  3. KitchenAid Slicer/Shredder Attachment: Here ye, here ye!! My search for an automatic cheese grater has ended. I almost always buy blocks of cheese (it is cheaper and it also tastes better. Most brands of shredded cheese have powder sprinkled all over it to keep the shreds of cheese from clumping. um, no). Anyway, my food processor has a cheese grater attachment but because I have a tiny kitchen with a shortage of countertop space (severe shortage!!), I keep it in a cabinet. It is a beast to bust out and a lot of cleaning just to shred a block of cheese. After in-depth research for a small tool that shreds a block of cheese in 30 seconds, I found this KitchenAid attachment. I already have a KitchenAid and it sets out so I am not lugging it around anytime I need to use it. This attachment is only $35 and IT IS A MIRACLE. It’s easy to clean, small (because it is an attachment), and shreds all my cheese from a medium-soft block of cheddar to a harder cheese like parmesan in THIRTY SECONDS. My mom is getting this for Christmas because she also has grievances about shredding a whole block of cheese by hand with a box cheese grater (mom, we’ve talked about this).
  4. A Gift Certificate for Knife Sharpening: Well, gracious, I did a little knife tutorial last week (you can see the full video here – I am now putting my Kitchen Review videos up on YouTube so you can refer to them easily plus share them!) and it turns out more than half of you do not have sharp knives. This is ok. You don’t know until you know. I promise you, when you cook with sharp knives little birdies come and sing while you cook. You can get your knives sharpened at William’s Sonoma or Sur La Table for $5 per knife. The knives do not even have to be previously purchased from either of these stores. They are typically done same day or for sure by the next morning. So stop into one of the stores and get a $10-$20 gift card. Note in your gift card that it is for knife sharpening and overall happiness.
  5. Paprika Meal Planning App: This app has changed the way I meal plan. I have been using it for six years and I cannot imagine meal planning without it.
    • You can save all your recipes into this app and search for them easily.
    • You can also put the recipes into categories for easy searching.
    • It gives you the option to automatically add the groceries from a meal to the grocery list. And you can have as many grocery lists as you need. I have one for Whole Foods, Vons, Trader Joes and Target.
    • It also has a Pantry option that lets you note all the items you have in your pantry (for example spices) so when you do add groceries from a recipe the app lets you know that you already have, say, cumin in your pantry.
    • Best part? Jeremy has it on his phone so when I call him after work and ask him to pick up groceries, he just has to open the app. The grocery list is also categorized by aisles so he is not calling me and asking what aisle the tomato paste is in. My mom and mom-in-law both use it now. More below!The ultimate list of gifts for the kitchen lover in your family! It's perfect for last minute gift giving and all the items are under thirty dollars!
  6. Cook Like a Pro: Recipes & Tips for Home Cooks by Ina Garten: If you are looking for a standard cookbook, you cannot go wrong with Ina’s newest cookbook. It has an array of recipes that have not been in her other cookbooks or website. They are easy but flavorful. There is also a whole guide for people to learn how to: season like a pro, taste like a pro, host like a pro…All of which include very simple and practical tips.
  7. Come & Eat: A Celebration of Love and Grace Around the Everyday Table by Bri McKoy. I am not even going to try to be sly here. This book brought to you by me! Hi. This is such a great gift to give anyone looking to bring more people to their table, but they are unsure where to start. It’s the perfect jumpstart to 2019 as we choose to open our homes and gather others around a meal. This is not a guide on how to be the perfect host or how to get your life together enough to bring people into your home. It is an invitation for you to welcome people to your table in every season of life God has you in. In the messy seasons and in the ordinary seasons. In the takeout seasons and homemade seasons. In the seasons that feel bountiful and in the seasons that feel gutted. Bonus? There are 21 recipes and a full blown meal plan with grocery list in the back of the book. Stories + recipes! The ultimate list of gifts for the kitchen lover in your family! It's perfect for last minute gift giving and all the items are under thirty dollars!
  8. Homemade Holiday Sangria: I’ve been known to make a batch of my holiday sangria, divide it up into mason jars, tape a cute straw onto the top and call it a gift. Looking for something non-alcoholic? You can do the same with my perfect, homemade iced coffee and include some peppermint sugar with it!The ultimate list of gifts for the kitchen lover in your family! It's perfect for last minute gift giving and all the items are under thirty dollars!
  9. Garlic and Sapphires by Ruth Reichl. Ruth has an impressive resume as a food critic and major food magazine editor. Listen to me when I tell you I have read all her memoirs (the way she describes food is unparalleled) and I can never put her books down. This book is Reichl’s bestselling memoir of her time as an undercover restaurant critic for The New York Times. You will eat it up (pun intended).
  10. And here we are. Number 10. You are not going to believe it. The thing I cannot live without in the kitchen (drum roll please) these dish washing gloves. First of all, they actually have sizes which is nice for people who need small gloves. Whether you hand wash dishes a lot or just a little, you need these to keep your hands supple and soft. You can have the water at a dangerous level of heat and not feel it with these gloves on. They last forever. They are long enough that water does not get into them while you are sloshing water about. Now, is it weird to get someone dish washing gloves for Christmas? Yes, yes it is. We are not animals so we are going to buy these for the kitchen lover in our home and include a coupon for 5 Dishwashing Services (that means you).


I never thought as a food blogger the number one food question I would get asked is how I purify my water. It’s true! Guests that come to my home ask. I also talk about my “crisp water” on my Instagram stories and people ask. It is one of my greatest joys to offer the people in my home a cold, crisp glass of water. I have tried no less than eight different kinds of filtered water pitchers. Most of them do minimal work. I even test the water levels with a water tester. I am ridiculous. But I found it! The water filter pitcher I have used for five years. That I will never give up. It is the Zero Water Pitcher.

This concludes my last minute gift guide for kitchen lovers. Be sure to pin this list to look back on!

Is there anything on this list that intrigued you? Anything that I missed? Let me know, wild ones!

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