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Every year I purchase gifts on Christmas Eve. Despite this news, I was not born yesterday. I have been on this green earth for 34 years and I have not learned. You can imagine how Amazon Prime and online orders have only supported my habit. It’s like the world wants me to purchase gifts on […]

This title is a little  misleading. What is more important than noodles? Exactly. Fall is here and I am finding my worn path back to the stove. I love that path. It’s been finding respite because this past summer I was making new trails to the grill, to the grass for picnics, to the countertop […]

Whew – this post. ALL THE RESEARCH went into this post. All the questions I wanted to know about why and how to make chicken broth is in here. I hope this becomes your one stop guide for broth. Ever since stepping into the kitchen and starting to learn a little bit more about cooking […]

Last weekend it was so cold in South Carolina. It even snowed in some parts of the state. Which really messed with this Colorado girl. I discovered a few things about me. One, at the first sighting of a chill I will pull out winter clothes like I’m preparing for negative degree temperatures.  Two, despite living in […]

If you love using shredded chicken in your cooking, then this tip will come in handy! I use shredded chicken in my Paleo Mexican food recipe. It is a spin on Chipotle’s rice bowl. But it’s Paleo. Win. Win. And another win for good measure 🙂 Drum roll please… How to Shred Chicken in One […]

Hi, I’m Beau, and I used to think that a knife was just a knife. In Boy Scouts the only distinguishing factor between knives was whether or not they also had pliers, scissors, a saw blade or any other number of accessories. Whether or not they were sharp never really entered the picture unless it […]

I am standing in the kitchen awkwardly. Like I landed on a different planet. Waiting for it to purge me from its space because it knows I am foreign. I pace the floor. This kitchen is as new and wild to me as my marriage. I know this feeling. Afraid. Intrigued. This is my first […]

Note: Welcome to my Tip of the Week. If there is a tip I found, and I tested it, and it worked, I will share it. If you are just stopping by for the tip and not the story, scroll to the graphic at the end of the post.  It’s November and there I am, […]

This is a story about me standing in my kitchen in a panic asking out loud, “What can I substitute for baking soda?” It starts out as a tragedy. It turns into a fairy tale ; ) Yesterday, Jeremy and I were making some Gingerbread Blondies* for some troops overseas. I was convinced I had […]

What can i substitute for baking soda?

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