I’ve been making and perfecting this roasted chicken for several years. It’s so delicious I now call it my Come to The Table Roast Chicken because this dish is a dish that gathers! See this step by step video showing how I roast my chicken and bring together 👇 Full recipe below!

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This past week Jeremy was out of town and the first night he leaves I usually cook myself comfort food. Who knew comfort came in the form or pasta, or steak, or risotto? Risotto is my favorite! But I needed a healthier, quicker version. And so here we are. Grain Free Risotto with Roasted Mushrooms […]

One year ago Jeremy and I took the Paleo Challenge at our CrossFit gym. Going 100% Paleo was hard but the return on investment was amazing. I will be posting more about Paleo on this blog as well as posting my favorite Paleo recipes. About one week into the Paleo challenge I noticed that my […]

I’m a food blogger that loves teaching people how to cook through my recipes. You can find me shouting, “Naked garlic” everytime I remove the little coat from the garlic clove. 

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