These noodles are so creamy and decadent and I have been known to eat them straight out of the pan! Bonus, this dish comes together so fast so be sure to prep all your ingredients before heading to the stove!

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Last week I received the honor of traveling to Bolivia with John S Grice and Cole LaBrant. If you know these guys from Instagram or Snapchat then you know that they are in the business of making people smile. When I first heard about them I checked out their Vine channel and could.not.stop.watching. They bring hope with […]

We’re the Good Samaritan, right? Sometimes we’re also the one wounded on the side of the road. But this thing doesn’t work, this daily living in this bright and wounding world doesn’t work unless we’re being helped and we’re also helping. It doesn’t work if we don’t walk each other Home. It doesn’t work if […]

I’m a food blogger that loves teaching people how to cook through my recipes. You can find me shouting, “Naked garlic” everytime I remove the little coat from the garlic clove. 

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