Homemade honey simple syrup is so easy to make and it has clean ingredients in it! Now you can always have simple syrup on hand. Simple syrup is traditionally equal parts white, granulated sugar and water. You bring the mixture to a simmer in a sauce pan over medium high heat until the sugar dissolves […]

On Sunday I posted this picture: We were headed to the Food Truck Festival and I was beside myself. Stout, as you can see, was already tired. But like I was saying, Food. Trucks. I love them. We were prepared to wait in a long traffic line. Jeremy brought snacks to hold us over. We […]

Jeremy and I stay in for Valentine’s dinner. We turn Valentine’s Day into an opportunity to create a most beautiful meal. We buy our favorite vino. Munch on cheese and fruit for a few hours. Move into dinner casually… It is filled with this shiny beauty of a thing called space. Deep breaths. Long conversations. […]

This past weekend for me was made of citrus. Sometimes life is crazy and confusing and filled to the brim with things I can’t quite grasp onto. So I reach out and grab onto an orange. And then, the thought of chocolate occurs. And chili powder. And sea salt. Because, of course! My weekend was going […]

I’ve been thinking a lot, friends. Exhibit A: Why yes, yes that is a pumpkin beer. Don’t you think on these things too? I can’t help it! This is fall to me. At the beginning of October Jeremy and I go discover new pumpkin beers. Also, I buy 18 cans of canned pumpkin. We live […]

Listen to me when I say, I don’t think it would necessarily be safe to put an air conditioner in your mouth. It’s probably not possible. But I feel the way the interwebs are going these days, I just need to make a disclaimer – it’s probably not a good idea to put an ac […]

Walking around town touting that I have the best burger recipe seems a little overbearing, doesn’t it?! And yet here I am. Telling the whole internet that this, this right here, is the best burger recipe. So good, the bun gets in the way. Don’t get me wrong. I love a bun just as much […]

I knew I made it into some kind of wonderland when I made the best pot roast recipe. But first – When I was a child, walking from the bus stop to home, suffering the weight of my back pack, bearing all its knowledge in hardbound books, I would find reprieve. Relax. The school day […]

Let’s talk about soup today! Let’s talk about creamy, velvety homemade cream of mushroom soup. This soup is a favorite enjoyed alone and as I started to learn to cook I also realized that my favorite recipes called for a can of cream of mushroom soup. My favorite casseroles. My favorite stews and pot roasts. […]

I’ve been holding onto this one. Waiting for that beautiful wild time when buds are forming, pregnant with such nostalgic hope. My pupil takes in unformed petals. In this bud I see me, shedding layers, stepping outside barefoot on dewy grass. Take breaths. My hand finds my chest. I think my heart feels dewy too. […]

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