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It’s been rainy and cold here in South Carolina and I have basically found myself in need of a snuggie. Mind you my auto-correct turned snuggie into snuggle and I’ll take some of those too 🙂 Also, it is shocking to me that the Air Force did not send Beau home early on any of […]

I’ve been all over this town telling people I already miss summer. Like some crazed and delusional girlfriend I’ve leeched onto this season and my request is simple, “Summer, stay forever! Or at least take me with you.” But the other day I sat down to think about why fall is going to have to […]

Gosh I want to know you! But I have been a horrible host here on this little blog. I’m still dancing between wanting to get you just a recipe, no strings attached, and also wanting to bring to you my bright, joy dripping self. That’s why I wrote this post about more heart. And then […]

*I’m writing this letter to Beau on his birthday. The idea first came from reading the Marriage Letters that Seth and Amber Haines write on the first of every month.  Before we started dating, when we were just getting to know each other, there was this one night I couldn’t fall asleep. I was up thinking about […]

I start with this salad at most gatherings. And the comments, “This dressing is so good. What’s in it?” Eventually turn into, “So will you please pray for me? Because this day has been hard.” And that’s why food is important. It answers the question, “Will I eat?” so the bigger questions can be asked. […]

Note: This post was published as an introduction on why I started using Stainless Steel pans in the kitchen. You can read about properly heating and cooking in your stainless steel pans here. On August 11, 2012 I am cozied up in my parents’ guest bedroom. I am holding a wrapped package and Skyping with […]

Isn’t this just like me? A new post… approximately 11 months overdue. It’s almost a talent to not write this long. Something and someone has silenced me over the past months. It’s paralysis meets complete unoriginality. They buried themselves into my mind and they’ve rendered my senses inoperative. Brutes! How could they? But then I […]

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