My New Food & Wine Pairing Course

French Fries & Barolo

Begins January 8, 2024!

for Everyday Meals!

Go beyond recreating a recipe to actually learning the science of why a dish comes together, all while exploring the art of food and wine pairing in a new and approachable way! This new 5 week masterclass is dynamic and robust filled with new recipes and their perfect wine besties.

What is the French Fries & Barolo Masterclass?

The Science of Cooking and the art of food & Wine Pairing

This new masterclass from Bri McKoy is a comprehensive online course with five weeks of content all centered around the science of cooking and the art of food and wine pairing. 

Go beyond just recreating a recipe and dive into the science of what makes some of our favorite dishes so delicious!

Every week you will have access to video lessons, downloads, and transcripts to guide you. The content comes alive through “Happy Hours” (because office hours are better with wine!). Every week Bri will go Live to answer your questions and talk more about the week's lessons.

January 8

January 15

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February 5

The Schedule

Week 1

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Week 5

Bring An Expert Into Your Kitchen

In addition to serving up fun, enthusiasm, and delicious meals, Bri has completed the Wine & Spirits Education Trust Level 2 Award with Merit. She brings this in-depth education in wine style, quality, tasting, and more to students in French Fries & Barolo.

We’re not just going to bring recipes together, we are going to dive deep into how these dishes shine through cooking skills and science.

Skills like:

How to make the best french fries (better than restaurant quality!) at home, every time! (You will not believe what the secret step is…and it’s not just soaking the fries.)

How to bring together a creamy, decadent polenta (without any lumps!) and pair it with the juiciest cuts of meat (my mind exploded when I learned about foolproof, lump-free polenta. You will never make it another way).

How to make a deep dish pizza that tastes like you ordered it from a pizza joint in Chicago (Chicago will be asking you for your recipe).

How to bring together a red wine reduction sauce that you will want to drink out of the pan (spoiler, you will drink it out of the pan). 

And that is just a glance into what we will be learning! Each recipe comes with an on-demand video of me bringing the dish together, from A-Z, while explaining the science behind it, so you can recreate it in your home time and time again.

A Sneak Peek into the Course

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Over 20 dynamic video lessons focused on food and wine pairing that you can watch over and over again!

Exclusive Content Just For You

Pre-Recorded Videos

Comprehensive downloads and designed guides from recipes and wine charts.

Recipe Downloads & Designed PDFs

Master Wine List for the best wine options to pair with food.

Master Wine List

We are in newborn season and are doing your masterclass at home when the kids are sleeping! It's been a huge blessing to our marriage and just fun have something besides bingeing shows together!

-Former Masterclass Member

An Experience Like None Other

she is an ice cream sundae in person form. She is so sweet and delightful to be around, please just keep making classes, I will keep buying 😍😍

Bri is a breath of fresh air 

Multiple Options to Sign Up!

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Answers to Your Questions!

We kick off on Monday, January 8, 2024! 
That’s right, grab your spot today and then enjoy the holidays. We’ll meet up in the New Year!

Some of the best feedback I got when I launched The Everyday Kitchen Masterclass in the New Year was it gave people something to look forward to after all the glitz and glitter of the holiday season. 

January can be so gray and cold, but with this new masterclass we can gather together and make January a little brighter (and a lot more delicious)!

When Does the Masterclass Begin?


All of the videos for this masterclass are pre-recorded so you can watch them on demand! At the end of the 5 weeks all of the lessons, videos, and PDFs will be available in your course library and you will have access to them forever.

Also, once a week for the 5 weeks of the masterclass, I will go Live to answer any questions you have and to connect with you! These Lives will be saved so if you cannot make it to them, you will be able to go back and watch!

Are the Videos Live or Pre-Recorded?


For a limited time, The French Fries and Barolo Masterclass is $75. 

I’ve scoured the internet to see if other masterclasses like this exist: an online course not just with recipes but wine pairing. The closest one I found was through Wine Folly (although it does not include videos on the food) and it was listed at nearly $1,000... for a five week course.

Do not miss this opportunity to have a robust food and wine pairing masterclass at a fraction of the cost

How Much is it?


YES! While the format is very similar - we will make several recipes and with those recipes we will pair a wine with them and learn all about the wine. But! In French Fries & Barolo there are all new wines and all new recipes! (These recipes are not in my cookbook or on my website - they are all brand new!)

We also learn all about the science behind bringing these meals together. Not just recreating the recipe.

Is This Different from the Popcorn and Champagne Masterclass?


No, I created these masterclasses to stand alone! In Week 1 we will dive into the art of food and wine pairing. If you have taken Popcorn & Champagne it will be a great refresher with some new information! If you haven’t taken Popcorn & Champagne, this is the only foundation you will need for this new masterclass.

Because the recipes and the wines are all new it will be a completely different experience!

Do I need to Take Popcorn & Champagne First?


These recipes are not on my website or in my cookbook. They are brand new!

Are These Recipes on Your Website?


Yes!! As soon as you sign up for French Fries and Barolo you will get access to the private community, The Speakeasy. This community is hosted where the course content is, so everything is in one place! Also, it’s not on Facebook.

You can start interacting in the community immediately. Meet the other food and wine lovers, ask me any questions about the upcoming course, and share your current favorite wines!

Is There a Community Aspect?


Do Not Miss Out!

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