We sat down most mornings since February and I could only muster up a paltry offering of, “Here I am.” I gathered the crumbs of my life lived the day before, the life I lived in college, the life I lived as a toddler and I spilled them out on the page – somehow these […]

Jeremy always said he married the right woman for the military. Which you would find funny if you were there, on that strained night when I locked myself in my closet so my roommate could not hear. I picked up the phone and cried and told my boyfriend that I can’t get past one thing, […]

Last week I did not get our table post up. It’s because I was waiting on news. And we just got it. But lets start here: This past July Beau and I went to L.A. While part of it was a vacation the other part was a secret mission. Could this be our new home? […]

*I’m writing this letter to Beau on his birthday. The idea first came from reading the Marriage Letters that Seth and Amber Haines write on the first of every month.  Before we started dating, when we were just getting to know each other, there was this one night I couldn’t fall asleep. I was up thinking about […]

This week. It’s been fast and slow. All the moments a bit underwhelming but when added up they seemed to ball up into one big overwhelming. But I remember my Lord. That He invites me to come to His table. We don’t have to awkwardly wonder where we will sit or if there is room. […]

I start with this salad at most gatherings. And the comments, “This dressing is so good. What’s in it?” Eventually turn into, “So will you please pray for me? Because this day has been hard.” And that’s why food is important. It answers the question, “Will I eat?” so the bigger questions can be asked. […]

I wrote this post last Thursday when Florida came under a cold front. Then Beau came home for the weekend and we cooked and ate and slept it. We attempted a 1,000 piece puzzle and laughed a lot. It was brilliant. So I forgot about this post. But here it is. Also, Florida is sunny […]

She strikes again. Almost a year later.  “She” being the words, the writer, the other companion I have. But she’s neglected. And she knows it. Sorry, luv. Too much happened this year. Reflection almost became an enemy to survival. But, I do miss you. Please come back. See, here is what’s happening: I don’t feel […]

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